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You can save a lot of money if you maintain your own website.
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Why You Should Have A Web Presence -

In this digital world of instant gratification consumers pretty much expect a reputable business to have a web presence. Many business owners desiring to stay practical struggle to see a need to have a website. After all a local storefront is dealing with the local market, right? And that was very true several years back. But today social media sites such as Facebook (1 billion members) have more consumer traffic each day than ever before. Smart business owners are taking advantage of this flow of local consumer traffic and getting involved at the social level.

A Combination of Both a Website and Social Media Presence is a MUST!

Through social media businesses can communicate with its local market more effectively and reach more potential customers. When this is done right it works much like a symphony. Your website is where people come to read detailed information about your product or services. This is normally triggered after they have noticed their friends and others have been talking about your business. Your best advertisement will always be “word of mouth” and with a website and facebook pages you are basically assisting your patrons advertise for you.

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