Maintaining Your Own Site

With our self-maintenance program (Membership) we will create “do it yourself” maintenance videos. The videos are made for your specific application showing step by step how to make the desired changes to you website. These videos will be made just for you based on the routine changes we determine you’ll be making. For instance, if you’re a florist you may want to update photos of seasonal arrangements. A mechanic may want to post an oil change special on his website. These changes are not difficult operations and really don’t require the assistance of a Webmaster. So, rather than paying $80-150 an hour, you will be able to make the changes yourself! Along with your maintenance videos you’ll also have access, from within the membership area, to other general videos showing you how to perform other operations to your website. You’ll find other useful resources such as free image (photo shop) software with tutorial videos explaining various tasks such as; how to resize an image and make it web ready. We will continue to add more to the arsenal of resources with an aim to over deliver on value.

Below see example “How To” video: