Pricing & How to get Started

We’ll sit down with you and discuss in fine detail your basic website needs. If your needs go beyond the basic scope we’ll address that with you beforehand. 99.9% of the time a basic website covers our client’s needs.


$799.95 Basic Website (Information/content website)

A basic website is an original creation from the ground up not a cookie cutter template. There are no shortcuts in the development of our websites. The basic website will take care of your needs unless you need an eCommerce site, or onsite databases. In some cases the level of interaction you plan to have with your visitors can raise the cost. All these aspects will be addressed well in advance.

$299.95 Build & Integrate A Facebook Page

This is referring to creating a Facebook page for you and associating it with your new website. Currently, social networking is king when it comes to connecting with new potential clients and staying in touch with existing customers. When Facebook members can comment about you directly on Facebook from your website you get an instant audience. And that would be our aim as we sew the two together. Of course we will include other top social media sources too!

$49.95   Monthly Self-Maintenance Program Fee (Includes Hosting)

If you haven’t already visited the information page covering our self maintenance program you should check it out now by clicking here.

$14.95   Monthly Hosting Fee

A Hosting service is required in order to have your website visible on the World Wide Web (WWW). We offer hosting with all the bells and whistles. If you already have hosting we can work with your host company too.

Getting Started

To start the ball rolling use the contact form below and request a CLIENT QUESTIONNAIRE. Once you fill out this form we’ll review the information together and put a time line together. When we have everything lined out we will sign an agreement.

Use Form below to request a Questionnaire. Just place “Questionnaire” in the subject line.
Once you’ve completed the questionnaire come back here and attach it to this contact form and submit it to us.

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